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  2. R

    Anesthesia or Internal medicine?

    Hello everyone what i like about IM: the knowledge part is probably the most intriguing part for me in IM. the wide variety of cases and the patient care as well. and of course the wide spectrum of specialties in it ( like cardio,nephrology,gastro ) what i dislike about IM: probably what i most...
  3. K

    entry into PICU

    this is definitely going to be the most GENERAL question ever, but what does PICU encompass? by that i mean as a first year college student, what is the pathway for getting into PICU? why are YOU interested in PICU? what are subspecialties and are they relevant to studying for PICU? (i.e. does...
  4. Zharp

    Medscape Physician Burnout Report 2018

    So Medscape just released their annual reports yesterday. The burnout report can be found here: Medscape: Medscape Access As someone who's an aspiring physician and about to enter this coming application cycle, I wanted to get peoples thoughts on the importance of these reports when planning on...