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Sep 24, 2015
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So Medscape just released their annual reports yesterday. The burnout report can be found here: Medscape: Medscape Access

As someone who's an aspiring physician and about to enter this coming application cycle, I wanted to get peoples thoughts on the importance of these reports when planning on a career in medicine.

Is this data something that should intimidate prospective physicians or influence what specialties they consider?

Is burnout in medicine really that big of a problem relative to other professional fields? I'm not arguing against the importance of recognizing and talking about burnout in medicine, it's a clear problem, but is it unique? I would imagine that if you polled employees in any sector that had been on the job for 20+ years you would find significant levels of burnout.

Compared to the 2015 physician lifestyle report, relative burnout rates have gone down. Do you think this speaks to a changing medical culture and the increased awareness of burnout?
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