1. I

    When do MD/PhD programs typically start?

    Hello! I am having trouble finding the MD/PhD-specific academic calendar for multiple programs — does anyone have insights on when most programs start? I am planning my wedding for May or June of next year (2022), and would preferably want to get married between ending my current position and...
  2. testus_2

    Am I ready to apply/how competitive would I be this cycle? WAMC

  3. moralis

    A hypothetical question—

    The following I've always wondered about— Let's say there is this scenario: Someone starts out as a student interested in both basic research and practicing medicine. He learns about MD/PhD programs, which allow him to do just this, and successfully matriculates into one. He continues the track...
  4. D

    Interested in MSTP - Should I Upgrade My Undergrad Institution? (junior transfer)

    Hello all, I am currently a sophomore at a low tier, directional university. I am aware that undergrad institution is not particularly relevant for MD apps, but I have heard that is is NOT the case for PhD programs and maybe MSTP programs as well. Now, I do not personally feel that I am...
  5. M

    PhD to MD taking a break from post-doc for clinical experience?

    Hey everyone, I am a current post-doc. I finished my PhD in 2015 (biochemistry) and applied this cycle MD schools as soon as the applications opened. MCAT 514 GPA 3.98, publications 20 including 5 first author. But I still have not received any II. I am guessing at this point I need to make a...
  6. M

    Advice? I want to quit the medical school part of the physician scientist training program I'm in.

    Background: I'm currently in a DO/PhD program. Did one year of grad school (Neuroscience PhD program, working on computational project) and now am in my first year of med school. I don't usually ask the internet for advice on my life, but I figured what the hell. I've been debating about...
  7. Eye-eye

    University of Washington MSTP Preliminary?

    I know the UW MSTP Prelim opened up on the 3rd, but I'm still waiting on my AMCAS to get verified , so I can't access it to start essays and such. Anyone have the essay prompts? Preferably with character limits? Thanks!
  8. flotsam

    Will this plan make me a competitive MSTP applicant?

    Cumulative GPA: 3.55 Science GPA: 3.2 MCAT (taken October 2015): Overall 513 (90%); Chem/Phys 125 (57%); CARS 130 (98%); Bio/Biochem 126 (67%); Psych/Soc 132 (100%) Research Experience: two semesters in undergrad, a year of clinical research with publications Extra-curricular: executive role in...
  9. I

    Mediocre GPA. Can I still go for MD/PhD?

    Hi guys, so I'm a recent grad in BME at an Ivy League undergrad. I want to apply to MD/PhD programs in BME, but I'm not sure it is even worth applying given my stats. I am applying MD/PhD hopefully to matriculate in Fall 2017. cGPA: 3.5, sGPA: 3.4 MCAT 519 Research: 2 years, 2 publications Gap...
  10. bluj126

    International status affects residency apps??

    I am an international applicant (went to Ivy UG in the US) and I applied broadly for MD PhD programs as well as MD programs in the US. I have been on 5 MD PhD waitlists and have an MD acceptance, but at this point I have confirmation from 3 of those MD PhD schools that they won't be taking...
  11. H

    MSTP Transfer Question

    Hey all, I have recently put in my deposit to attend Tufts med next year and I was hoping to get additional feedback from you all about MSTP program. Back before I applied for med school, I was heavily debating whether or not to apply for MSTP as while I enjoyed research, I was not sure how...
  12. L

    Specific questions regarding a DO-PhD for neuro

    I've browsed through a lot of the threads on the differences between a DO and an MD, why anyone would ever want to do a DO-PhD instead of an MD-PhD, why you would even bother with the PhD when as a physician you can do academic research anyways, etc...And I don't feel like my questions have been...
  13. m2regen

    Non Trad. Engineer --> MD/PhD, Schools List, Feedback, etc.

    Hey there! So I have been working in engineering R&D for a large and well-known medical device company for a couple of years and am interested in applying to MD/PhD programs in engineering. Here is my profile: (cGPA: 3.06) and (sGPA: 3.46), post-bacc GPA (all science): 3.84, grad GPA (MS...