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  1. Mother_of_Dragons2

    Physics II Online Help?(Fort Hays State class)

    Hello everyone! I am at a loss with my online Physics II class. I have read the textbook and other books, I have emailed the teacher for help, worked with an online tutor on the assigned problems, and tried to do practice problems, but nothing seems to make it all "click" for me. Please tell...
  2. G

    Physics 2 is not going too well

    So sorry if this has already been posted, this is my first time hanging out here. I'm a rising junior currently taking Physics 2 over the summer at Georgetown University (have not taken physics 1) and I'm consistently doing badly in the class, particularly on the exams - I'm guessing I might...
  3. frosted_flake

    Having trouble with MCAT math/physics?

    This lady will save the day. She is a great lecturer for the really tough concepts! She is on the YT channel for the college but her name is Eeris Fritz.