physiology and biophysics

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    Georgetown Regular MS in Physiology 2019-2020

    Hi guys, I noticed there's no thread for this yet. I was accepted 5/3 and I was wondering if any alumni had any input on this program/ its helpfulness for med school. I am also considering GT SMP and would like to hear some of the differences of these two programs besides the technical...
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    Masters in Physiology and Biophysics, Louisville, KY vs. Biomedical Science Masters, Rutgers NJ

    I got accepted to both of them for Fall 2018. I needed help deciding which one is better to got to. Which one has better chances of getting me into a dental school (asap)? Given, I perform the same and get at least a 3.5+ GPA in both. I have read some forms discussing Rutgers masters but there...