Georgetown Regular MS in Physiology 2019-2020

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Hi guys,
I noticed there's no thread for this yet. I was accepted 5/3 and I was wondering if any alumni had any input on this program/ its helpfulness for med school. I am also considering GT SMP and would like to hear some of the differences of these two programs besides the technical differences (class structure and size, etc) in how it would prepare one for medical school. Would love to talk to people who are planning to attend as well. Thanks!

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I applied 4/29 and accepted 5/03. I have a 3.1 GPA & 509 MCAT. 4 pubs, 2 presentations, ~200 hrs shadowing, ~1000 hrs community service, and full time work involving clinical experiences. This program is an academic enhancement program, so I don't think the admissions committee is looking for a stellar GPA... Any thoughts on the program as a whole/ why do you guys want to attend?
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Hi I got into today! I am also wondering what are previous students thoughts on the program?
Yeah, same here. Just got accepted here and wanted to know if anyone had any input from past experiences
Hey, guys! I am applying this cycle. What was the turnaround time like after submitting your completed applications?