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plan b

  1. I

    Nontraditional planning for rejection

    Hey all. I'm a nontraditional applying this cycle via TMDSAS (Texas application service) to only Texas schools as a Texas resident. My TMDSAS GPA cumulative is 3.87, and science is 3.77. My real GPA (AMCAS) is ~ 3.80. My MCAT is a 520 which makes my LizzyM ~ 75.7. I have research experience...
  2. theriddlerxd

    Plan B - in case I don't get accepted this round

    Hi guys! I'm getting a little leery of my chances of actually getting accepted to medical school next year, so I'm working on a plan B. I have an overall GPA of 3.66, MCAT of 514. I have 3 years of full-time animal research experience, >200 hours of clinical experience, and ~8 hours of...
  3. C

    Those who left 1st careers - if you can't get into med school, what's your backup plan?

    Hello fellow Non-Trads. For those of you who had / have substantial first careers in another field and left to pursue a post bacc and spend years preparing to apply to med school.... What was / is your backup plan if you didn't get into any med school? (2-4 year gap on resume can't easily be...
  4. the shretiology

    RN as a "plan B" for a Pre-med; opinions needed for the best way to go about this

    A bit about me first; I am currently a microbiology major at a University of Wisconsin college and I have chosen the pre-medical path due to my love for problem solving, biology, altruism, and humanity. I've always wanted to be a knowledgeable person with abilities to help others in need... I am...