podiatry schools

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    Advice for personal statement for podiatry school

    Hi everyone. I am planning on applying to podiatry school the coming cycle and am struggling to write a personal statement. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to include or if anyone was willing to let me read theirs to get an idea I'd really appreciate it:). Currently I have a...
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    Kent interview

    hello all, I recently was accepted to Barry University and as soon as i deposited i got an interview to Kent. I am going to this interview but i was wondering if i happen to gain acceptance which of the two would be the wise choice? I’m talking in terms of low attrition, faculty and board passage?
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    DPM Students with High Admissions Stats

    I am a pre-medical student with a significant interest in podiatry. I have shadowed various physicians of many differing fields, but found podiatry the most interesting, by-far. Not at all to smear the profession, but I know many of the applicants of podiatric medical school typically do so...
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    What is the best podiatry school in terms of low tuition, low dropout rate, and good professors?

    I know there is not really a BEST pod school. But there has to be one that stands out from the others. I was going to apply to Barry but looking at some posts on here are giving me pause. They wrote about the rude and bad professors, but I'm not sure how reliable they are, or if they are...