1. Y

    Pls take this USMLE Step-1 exam opinion poll for a research study

    Hi fellow medstudents, I am a third year medical student from AUC. Having recently beaten the beast myself, I am doing a research study/survey among medical students who have taken the Step-1 exam. This study has been accepted for poster presentation at the AMSA Convention in Washington DC...
  2. Z

    DAT Qvault vs. Dat Achiever

    Which do you prefer? Feel free to explain why you chose one over the other, positive experiences, negative experiences, etc. Thank you :)
  3. damilam

    Questions for Current Medical School Students

    Hi! I am a sophomore at NC State University. I am currently working on a digital ethnography for my ENG 101 course. I chose SDN as my online community to use for my assignment because I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine. I have a two questions for SDN users: How are the SDN forums...