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    Masters Programs

    I'm a senior pre-med student who decided to pursue a Masters degree in my first of (hopefully) two gap years due to a less-than-great undergrad GPA. I applied to a bunch of special masters type programs that are aimed at pre-med students. I've heard back from most of the schools and am trying...
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    Please Help! Will postbacc vs SMP help me or not

    Just made this account after bouncing between different ideas/advice from other posts. I'm a rising senior undergrad and have pretty much decided on a gap year. I was introduced to the idea of a postbacc program a couple of months ago and started researching my options. I was mainly looking for...
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    what are my chances for tufts mbs

    Hello all, I'm looking to apply to tufts mbs to try to save my undergrad grades here are my stats: cumulative GPA: 2.97 science GPA: 2.86 MCAT: 514 I have previous research experiences but limited volunteering (only in high school, not in college), I've had a couple shadowing experiences and...
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    Elms College Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Studies 2017-2018

    Hey everyone! I just got accepted to the Elms College Post- Bacc program and wanted to start a thread for anyone who has questions, is joining the program in Spring 2017, or who can give advice on the program and Elms. Thanks!
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    Northeastern Postbac 2016-2017

    Is anyone out there going to Northeastern for the Post bac premed program 2016-17? Does anyone have any info regarding this program? I just got in, and I'm trying find out more info and/or other people going!
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    Elms College Post Bacc

    Hey! New on here but I recently go into the Post Bacc program at Elms starting this Jan. Anyone else going? I havent heard much about the program but what i have heard seems really good. Just looking to connect with possible classmates and looking for a roommate too actually...anyone?