1. 8

    Is medical school for me if I suck at lab or anything hands-on?

    Hello beautiful people! So I really want to go to medical school, however time and time again, I have seen through many of my lab classes that I SUCK AT LAB. Basically I suck at anything that is hands-on and requires practicality. How bad is this for medical school? Like I am ok with the...
  2. V

    Trying to do OMFS but sim lab grades are low

    Wow I have a similar inquiry but not to the point of dropping out. I am terrible with my hand skills, as well. I try to practice as much as I can but the didactics are also quite demanding so during exam weeks I end up slacking on the sim lab hours which definitely hurts any progress I make. The...
  3. P

    GA Wet Lab Errors and Omissions

    Hello, I had a question regarding the GA Wet Lab Errors and Omissions. I am having a hard time differentiating between option C (problem with label) and option E (inappropriate substitution). For example, if an MD wrote for hydroxyzine pamoate, but the pharmacist/technician accidentally choose...
  4. neva525

    Physiology lab practical exam-what am I doing

    Hello everyone. I'm in 2nd year of college. I'm writing you in hopes you can tell me how to properly do capillary puncture from the finger of a hand. I don't know if you guys had to do it for your physiology practical exams, but I have to. I need to do it in order to pass my physiology exam...
  5. nebuchadnezzarII

    What is a histology practical like?

    My school isn't being very transparent about the histology practical exam. All they say is that you will have to "look through a microscope and know structure and function." So, my question is, do I have to use the microscope to zoom in and find specific things? We have an online histology...
  6. P

    Lab practicals help!

    Im currently taking my first bio course in undergrad and I like the course however the lab is ver difficult and I we have lab practicals but even when I read the lab manual I still do poor on the practicals because they test for understanding of the experiments and I dont understand the...