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    How do I start an application?

    I've been looking around the internet for how to start a new ADEA AADSAS application, but all I've been able to find is the page to create a DENTPIN or to sign up for ADEA membership. Can someone help me find the webpage for where I can actually start a new application or even provide me with a...
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    Hello all, I just recently Q-dropped genetics. I was taking 12 hours and dropped down to 9. This is my first drop and I did it because as of now, I have a 3.2 GPA. I transferred to UT Austin with my associates degree and a 3.7 GPA from a CC. I was probably going to get a C+ in genetics and is...
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    So anxious for Dec 1st!

    i don't know why i feel so nervous for dec 1st. It's so long from now. I am blessed to receive 6 pre dec invites and 1 on dec 6th! And i don't consider myself as a great interviewee but i am not bad at it either. People asked me how did i do after every interview and i always tell them that i...
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    How high of a priority are labs in undergrad?

    Hello, everyone. I am currently taking Organic Chemistry Lec/Lab, Anatomy&Physiology Lec/Lab, and Cell Biology Lec/Lab. I am doing well in all of my lectures but I have been giving less time to prepping for all of my labs/studying for pre-lab quizzes since they are worth only 1 credit each and...
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    So I will be taking the DAT during the first week of spring semester. I will be taking 12 or 15 hours. (genetics and biochem along side 2 or 3 upper level major classes) during the fall semester and need advice in how to go about studying during the semester? I would like to start studying for...
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    2016 Kaplan DAT lesson, review book , flash cards, quick sheets entire Brand new package

    Hi, hope all is well. I am selling a brand new package of 2016 Kaplan DAT Online prep course materials (BRAND NEW (in their original wrapped packages) books and Flashcards!!-I paid $1499 for the entire course. Excellent and comprehensive resources! 1. Kaplan DAT Review Notes: comprehensive...
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    HEY EVERYONE.. does anyone know of a perfect/really good formula sheet for GEN CHEM/ Math to use for DAT.. its like as soon as i memorize one another formula comes up. i kind of want all of them infront of me to memorize ONCE... and the bootcamp one is kinda half ass not all of em are on it...