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How high of a priority are labs in undergrad?

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Oct 2, 2017
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Hello, everyone. I am currently taking Organic Chemistry Lec/Lab, Anatomy&Physiology Lec/Lab, and Cell Biology Lec/Lab. I am doing well in all of my lectures but I have been giving less time to prepping for all of my labs/studying for pre-lab quizzes since they are worth only 1 credit each and will have less of an impact on my GPA as doing badly in a lecture.

Will having a C or C+ in Ochem Lab, as well as a couple B or B-'s in Cell/A&P Lab hurt my chances of Dental school admission if I still do well in the lectures? Thanks!

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I see where you're coming from, but I would caution taking that perspective on it. Getting into dental school is only getting harder, so I think you'll really want to capitalize on getting the highest GPA that you get. Settling for less, in this case in a lab class, could end up hurting you later. I also think it will look really odd for you to do really well in lecture, but poorly in lab.

My advice would be to try to get the highest grade you can in all those labs. If this were me, years later looking back at those grades, I would feeling like kicking myself for not pushing a little more.
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A lab is worth 1 credit, the lecture is 3 credits. Don’t spend more time on the lab if that’s gonna hurt your lecture grade
Take into consideration that Dentistry is a hands on experience, if I were evaluating someone for dental school I would question if they really have the ability to perform. Knowledge in the head doesn’t always mean it can transfer to the hands. You should make sure you can prove you have the abilities in the lab.