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    Med school competitiveness so far and honors thesis question.

    Hey all, ????I am entering my final semester at CU Boulder and am torn whether or not to write and defend an honors thesis. I am seeking opinions regarding if it is worth the time and commitment considering my crazy schedule resume so far (I am aiming for a top 25 MD school)??? -I am not sure...
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    MCAT preparation

    I'm graduating in 2018 and I want some details about MCAT, when to take it, medical school application deadlines, and good score for MCAT that med school wants. graduation date is mid-may and I'm assuming deadlines for the medical school applications are due in january, so is it recommend to...
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    How are my EC's thus far?

    Applying this upcoming cycle with a cGPA of 3.72. Will be taking the MCAT soon. -500 hours of clinical volunteering in a hospital for research -300 hours of non-clinical research, with an abstract. -Will have ~ 100 hours as a medical scribe by the time I submit my primary ~ 100 hours of...