1. P

    How many C's in sciences is too many?

    My freshmen year started off like anyone who ever has never had freedom as a teenager- wild. Due to that I made a C in biology (when i couldve did a lot better because at the end i made A's but it was too late) and wasnt planning on retaking it because I knew for a fact that I will no longer get...
  2. lawyerbrah

    Just LOL @ you if you're going to medical school (srs)

    Just LOL @ u if you're going to medical school. Brb taking out 200k in loans, brb your 20's are gone, brb you'll hate your life in your 20's and you'll hate your life as a doctor, brb you'll try to retire at 50 then die at 60 because of dat dere stress, brb mommy and daddy are a doctor or brb...