1. B

    Different Versions of Poiseuille's Law?

    In my studying I came across a different version of Poiseuille's Law than I'm used to seeing. While I am used to seeing it in this form: I just saw a problem easily solved by using the form below, which is showing a "resistance to flow" value 'R' rather than a flow rate 'Q': How can one of...
  2. inquisitivegirl2731

    Pressure from parent :( Switching from pre-med to pre-PA to pre-nurse

    I've been a very hard-working student for a long time (took 11 AP classes in high school and passed them all; currently a 4th year undergrad with a 3.9 GPA for my neuroscience degree), but my focus on years and years of a heavy school workload have recently made me more depressed with not...
  3. F

    Pressure in a closed system

    Lets say we have a bioreactor (closed system) with cells floating in it. If we are to introduce a stir rod, which would increase the velocity of the cells within the system, would the pressure of the system increase as well? I believe the pressure will increase: the particles are moving faster...
  4. K

    Cornell or NC State?

    Looking for some advice here! Without getting into the weeds with too many details, here is my situation: I have to decide between Cornell and NC State, TODAY. Given my financial aid/scholarship packaging, debt load for both schools will be almost exactly equivalent. I have an opportunity...
  5. David513

    Capillaries, velocity, and pressure

    Hello all, I know that when you consider the total cross-sectional area of different types of blood vessels, capillaries are said to have a lower velocity of blood moving through them than arteries. Got it. But directly after a graph depicting the above, Examkrackers has a graph showing...
  6. Tonkspaws

    Scared of the pressures of vet med?

    Is anyone else afraid for the amount of commitment you have to make for vet med. I love the field and I'm really passionate about it , but sometimes I worry about the financial burdens being a vet will cause as well as how demanding the job is. I see the vets a my work constantly staying late...