preventive medicine

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    Occupational medicine fresh out of residency

    Hey all, I've read various threads about the work occupational medicine get into. I know it's diverse field with a lot of facets - my question is straight out of residency (prelim+2 year path), can you make a good living (i.e. on par with primary care). I ask because I'm interested in the field...
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    Other Preventive Medicine Residencies for Osteopathic Grads?

    Does anyone here know if being a DO rather than an MD would hinder your chances in securing a resident position? What's the general level of competition in attaining this residency? Thanks in advance.
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    Passions = nutrition and preventive medicine...advice?

    Hi all– I am seeking some perspective. My greatest interest lies in nutrition -- exploring and promoting diets that work best for people to optimize their health and wellbeing. However, I do not feel I will be satisfied as a dietician. I view this profession as being fairly limited, both...
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    Some questions about Preventive/Preventative Medicine?

    First post woo! Hi everyone, I'm currently a junior undergrad trying to figure out some details about what preventive medicine is. I want to help people on a larger scale(local-national level?) and I also want to retain the ability to treat people directly (main reason for becoming a physician)...
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    Preventive Medicine Residency Abroad?

    Looking to start Prev Med residency in two years. Anyone know of preventive medicine residencies abroad? Europe? Latin America? I speak no foreign languages well but would be motivated to learn if the program were right...