1. Intentionalgrad

    [IRB approved] Study examining privacy concerns, and the impact of providing Forensic Mental Health services in the context of Covid-19. Thank you

    We invite you to participate in a research project to examine privacy concerns, and the impact of providing forensic mental health services in the context of Covid-19. This survey is open to forensic psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and trainees within these disciplines. Study...
  2. G

    Anonymize patient notes?

    Does anyone here have a good method for keeping their patient notes anonymous so if they are lost there is no HIPAA breach? In other words, I keep papers in my pockets for all of my patients. Of course I try to never lose track of one but I could see it happening in the hustle and bustle. I do...
  3. O

    Worried about my privacy and being targeted by my school

    Hi everyone, pending
  4. F

    Privacy or publicity?

    With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Snapchat, etc. I think many people can be googled or searched on multiple social media sites. But the big question is, should I publicize everything I do on the internet or should I keep everything private? I've researched around some forums and it...