1. J

    What Are Some Challenges Facing Future Doctors

    I’m a premed. I love medicine. I don’t love student loans. I don’t love it when doctors are making less and less. I don’t love it when doctors are complaining about their jobs and telling premeds to pursue something else but they don’t give specific reasons as to why they feel that way. With...
  2. G

    Gangstalked in pharmacy school and post

    I am a pharmacy school student who literally went through hell to finish pharmacy. I gotten on the bad side with the pharmacy school (and a couple other ppl I was going to school with). This led to to some serious efforts from them to try to stop me from graduating. Some of the things they...
  3. F

    Organic Chemistry Questions- Nucleophiles and Electrophiles- Mechanisms

    Hello, I am having trouble with a few problems, I would appreciate your help. The question asks to identify the sequence of arrow pushing patterns in each of the following mechanisms. For 8.25 I got nucleophilic attack and proton transfer, however, I also got another proton transfer...
  4. O

    Problem in Dentistry

    Hi everyone! I have to write a problem-solution speech on the career of dentistry and I'm struggling to find a problem with only ONE solution. Any help would be appreciated. Some of the requirements are that it has to be a problem in dentistry that has a solution that is not hypothetical and...
  5. Thoroughbred_Med

    For Sale TBR Complete Home Study (2012)

    Hey guys, Trying to sell a complete set of my used TBR books. I am looking to get $100 plus shipping for the whole set but am willing to sell each individually as well. Also, I realize these aren't the updated ones for the new exam. But practice problems are practice problems right! There is...
  6. D

    My Problem With Getting Into Pharmacy School. Please Read. Advice Needed.

    Hi all, This is my first post and I believe my first time on SDN for quite some time now. My story is a rather long and complicated one, which I will try to be as concise as possible with here, but I am in dire need of advice, and I don't think I can get any "real" answers from the resources...
  7. A

    Math Destroyer- Distance problems

    Can anyone explain distance problems to me? I can't seem to understand them! Here is an example from Math Destroyer: Sam travels the 40 miles from Albany to Brickville at 60 mph. At what speed must he travel back from Brockville to Albany so that the average velocity for the round trip is 75 mph?
  8. Fancy312

    Math Destroyer Help

    Hi Guys! Working on a math problem, and I need some help on the explanation of this one::: please and thank you to whoever can explain this A boat travels between two riverside cities, A and B, located 21 miles apart. The river flows in the direction from A to B at 2 mph. The boat takes a...