1. CoitusInterruptus

    best documentaries on medicine that makes it feel like you're working

    1. CODE BLACK (2013) Code Black (2013) - IMDb Inside the birthplace of modern emergency medicine and the art of resuscitation. Felt almost exactly like my ER medical scribing experience; really well done. I mean look at all those wreaths on the cover--you know it's award winning. ¡available to...
  2. E

    Med School Kitchen Item Recs

    (Not entirely sure where to post this... please move as appropriate!) Hi guys- I have about a week until my self imposed deadline to choose a medical school, and I can't decide, so I'm doing anything and everything else except for thinking about it. Just made some nice drawings this afternoon...
  3. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Procrastinators Anonymous: End-of-Semester Catch-Up Encouragement Thread

    Hi I'm Sterling and I'm a procrastinator. It's catch-up season and have a few due dates approaching fast. Precalculus Project (Due tomorow) Precalculus Online test (Due tomorow at midnight) A few chapters of online chemistry activities (Due Dec 21st) 100 pages cof chemistry notes to review and...
  4. L

    Low GPA not related to extracurricular, financial hardship

    Hey everyone, I wanted to come here and ask for a *thoughtful/meaningful/considerate* response to a 'situation' I am thinking about. So during the first few years of my undergrad career, I had very low self-efficacy. As a result, my grades were average and during one specific semester, quite...
  5. The Knife & Gun Club

    Medical School is like...

    Fill in the blank with your favorite adjective or set of adjectives!
  6. O

    hypothetical scenario

    Greetings SDN, If anyone out there is currently bored/procrastinating I've got a question that's been rolling around in the back of my mind and I'm curious if anyone has any strong opinions about it. Let's say someone scores decently well on the MCAT after a poor undergrad performance- let's...