professional transcript entry

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    Professional transcript entry question

    I paid for professional transcript entry through AACOMAS and from what I understood, I had to submit my application to a school before my coursework would be entered onto my application. I have submitted my application today and now I am paranoid that I was supposed to do something else so that...
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    PharmCAS Professional Transcript Entry?

    Does anyone know if it's worth it or reccomended to do the professional transcript entry? It's $65 but I wouldn't mind doing it myself.. Any suggestions?
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    Can I Apply Before Professional Transcript Entry is Completed

    My AADSAS app is complete, all I'm waiting for is for the Professional Transcript Entry to be completed. I sent out a request to all the schools I've attended for my transcripts to be sent to AADSAS, and now I'm wondering if I can submit, or if I have to wait for Professional Transcript Entry to...