psychiatric nurse practitioner

  1. D

    Opportunity for IMG's across Canada (ideally) to gain experience

    I am a fully licensed board certified General Psychiatrist and have a sub specialization as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. My background is that I completed my medical school training in Ireland, matched in the first CARMS iteration and completed residency and subspecialty training in BC...
  2. Tbrock1994

    Psychiatric nurse practitioner mentor

    My name is Trey Brock and I am currently a firefighter paramedic and in nursing school as well. I have seen many people take their life as they did not have access to the help they need, but I have also saved many people simply from talking and listening to their story. I plan to attend a rn...
  3. P

    Help and advice with tough graduate decisions

    I am currently a junior at university completing my BS in psych. I work at a psych lab and childcare center at my school. It's about that time to be making grad decisions. My gpa is currently 3.6 (due to ONE bad neuro class), and by next year it should be like 3.7ish To start off, I know all my...
  4. T

    LMFT considering career change to Psych NP

    Hi Everyone, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I got my bachelors in psych/anthropology, and masters in counseling psych. I do not have a science bachelors, and only took Biology in undergrad. I am considering going back to school to become a Psych NP for more stability, benefits...
  5. Bwright007

    The Tough Life of a Recruiter

    Everyone hates me! No seriously, no one likes being called by a locum tenens recruiter. I asked this question on another thread, but I'm trying to take a different approach to the industry by asking first hand students, graduates, and tenured psychiatrists on here. Unfortunately my job is...
  6. D

    PMHNP or PA?

    Hello all, First-time post for me here and I would really appreciate some input into my conundrum. All my life I have known I wanted to work in the field of medicine. At first, I wanted to be a doctor but after 4 years of Bio Pre-Med and shadowing/hearing stories from actual doctor's I decided...
  7. L

    Office space for rent for Psychiatrist(s) in future group practice (NC)

    Looking for a Psychiatrist to share group office space either part-time or full-time. This could also be an opportunity for several Psychiatrists (and/or PA, Psychiatric RN) to share the space during alternating times to make this more cost efficient. Would love for a provider to enjoy the...