1. M

    New MCAT Study Tool - Memm (Content Review & Memorization)

    Hello SDN! My name is Kevin Jubbal from Med School Insiders. Today, my small team and I launched a separate company called Memm. This has been in the making for about 2 years and we're so proud to finally have a product that we're proud of and that our 100+ beta testers found value in. What is...
  2. ScrubswithnoSleeves

    Kaplan FL 8, P/S #44 (Self-Esteem vs Self-Efficacy))

    Hi all, I'm confused about this question and I guess that means the difference between efficacy and esteem. I thought that efficacy was literally your belief in you competence as an individual and esteem was your self worth/ +/– view of your self. Can anyone clear this up for me? Testing...
  3. B

    KA P/S Passage Question

    Could someone help me look at this question. I can't understand how they concluded the relationship to be "strong." Shouldn't there be a numerical value to indicate if something is strong or not? The link for the passage is...
  4. weanprednisone

    KA Psych/Soc?

    Been going through KA Psych/Soc videos, and I noticed that a lot of the questions they ask include things that they don't even touch on or they go too much in detail. What strategies have you used to be on par with the psych/soc section?