New MCAT Study Tool - Memm (Content Review & Memorization)

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Oct 5, 2016
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Hello SDN!

My name is Kevin Jubbal from Med School Insiders. Today, my small team and I launched a separate company called Memm. This has been in the making for about 2 years and we're so proud to finally have a product that we're proud of and that our 100+ beta testers found value in.

What is Memm?
Memm helps you memorize content for all 3 science sections of the MCAT. We use interactive Sheets and Cards to help you learn as quickly as possible, and highly the importance of context so you don't get confused, like you will with other flashcard apps.

Who is Memm for?
Memm is for anyone studying for the MCAT who wants to accelerate their content review process. Whether you're just a few weeks out or several months out, you'll find value with Memm.

How much does Memm cost?
Pricing is based on subscription length and can be found here.

What are the results from those using it?
From our initial group of beta testers, we've had a few final MCAT results come in ranging from 517-521. We will update with score reports in the future on YouTube, my newsletter, and Instagram.

Can you tell me more?
I've created 2 YouTube videos (and more to come) to address the questions submitted to me via Instagram.
Your MCAT Problem
MCAT Game Changer

Hope you find it as useful as our users thus far!
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