1. N

    Rank Public Midwest Schools

    Hi everyone, just curious, but how would you rank the Midwest public schools? Also, what tiers would you divide them into (high, mid, low)? Midwest states are: North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio Thanks!
  2. HoustonRockets101

    First week of medical school and already upset

  3. W

    Do Private Medical Schools also prefer undergraduates from private schools?

    I've read that it is essentially only the private medical schools where undergraduate "prestige" of the university matters. However, I've also read that public medical schools give great preference to their own in-state students. So, as an attendee of a public school in a state with very few...
  4. R

    #1 choice private school vs state school (not so cheap)

    I've been grappling with this a long time, I've had the fortune of being accepted to my #1 choice private school and my state school both are very reputable schools but now the tough part of making an important decision. It honestly comes down to guilt and finances, First off I've worked for 2...
  5. SilverEmpress

    Public or Private Undergrad?

    I'm in my junior year of high school and obviously I've been trying to create a list of colleges/universities that I want to apply to for undergrad, as I want to become a dentist For the most part the schools that I'm interested in, lo and behold, are all private schools. They usually have a...