pulmonary embolism

  1. foreverbull

    Common Mistakes in Care for Younger Women with DVTs/PEs

    Speaking of underrepresented in healthcare, I'd like to get the word out to the next generation of doctors so that they can be a little more sensitive to medical needs/issues that women experience. This happened to someone I know, after interacting with several doctors who knew she was taking...
  2. A

    Medical discharge from HPSP

    I am a third year who was Navy HPSP. I've been informed that the Navy medical review board has decided to discharge me for a h/o PE with a subsequent finding of slightly low Protein C levels that my doctor stated shouldn't be a worry. It is documented that the PE was caused by an injury that...
  3. N

    Upcoming Critical Care Webinar Series

    Critical Care Webinar Series - Pulmonary Embolism: Management Beyond Anticoagulation Please join the Society of Interventional Radiology Resident, Fellow, and Student Section with Dr. Perminder Gulani, Critical Care Attending at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Jacobi Medical Center as he...