Common Mistakes in Care for Younger Women with DVTs/PEs

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    Speaking of underrepresented in healthcare, I'd like to get the word out to the next generation of doctors so that they can be a little more sensitive to medical needs/issues that women experience. This happened to someone I know, after interacting with several doctors who knew she was taking birth control:

    1. Assumed because a woman was young & healthy she couldn't have a PE/DVT, and
    2. Doctors did not warn her about the effect of blood thinners on periods.

    One doc sent her home after an emergency room visit with the diagnosis of "costochondritis" (?), and only because the pain worsened did she go back and finally get the correct diagnosis of PE. She also still gets comments on her PE blog regularly from women who were shocked when they had their first blood thinner period and were not warned by their doctors about it.

    Blood Thinners and Menstruation – What Your Doctor Failed to Tell You

    I hope that this will someday change...and I figured since I'm here in the psychologist's forum, I might as well get the word out where I can!

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