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    How do I study MCAT P/S without Anki?

    Throughout my entire academic career, flashcards have NEVER worked for me. This is one of the reasons why I struggle in courses that require pure memorization. I get much better results when I read the book or create logical flow charts/diagrams. The reason I mention this is because everyone...
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    wanted TBR - psychology and or biology (for new MCAT)

    If any one has these books for sale, please let me know. I'm about to purchase them but will wait. Thanks, Laura (Also, this is most likely not the place to post this, but does anyone know the name of a good college text for sociology. And maybe one for pyschology. something older that I...
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    Psychology or biology

    I really love pyschology so I'm considering it as a major. I'm currently a bio major. I thought bio was gonna be like high school but I feel like I have no interest anymore. It's so boring to me rn. I just think that I would hate being forced to memorize a bunch of complex terms as I take upper...