qualification questions

  1. Faerose

    Master's Program Email after AMCAS

    One of the medical schools I applied to sent me an email about their Master's Program. Should I be worried?
  2. T

    What are my chances of getting into St. John’s University PharmD program?

    Hi, I’m currently a senior in high school interested in six year pharmacy programs. I don’t have pretty stellar grades as I have a 3.67 weighted GPA as well as a 1290/1600 combined SAT score. I recently got accepted into MCPHS (Boston) with a total of $78,000 in scholarship as well as into ACPHS...
  3. M

    old Admissions questions! lol

    So I am trying up most of my pt apps right now. I have yet to take the GRE. 26 y/o 3.66 prereq 3.65 undergrad - exercise science 3 letters of req (Pts) 800 outpatient ortho/ sport 40 inpatient cardio pulmonary/ neuro Extras: aided in 1 research study / Aided in media production for The...
  4. P

    Is requalification possible?

    Hello. I have a general question that might or might not affect my decision for future career path: can a person who has a PhD in any other area of psychology besides clinical (experimental, forensic, social, etc.) requalify to become a clinical psychologist (maybe with additional internship)...
  5. B

    Best MD/PHD applicant qualifications

    Good afternoon all, I just graduated at A&M with a BSc in Biochemistry, and I am now working at UTSW as a research assistant. I am clearly on this forum because I want to be an MD/PHD. However, I am unsure as to what are some qualifications I would need to be a competent applicant. I intend in...
  6. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Write the Qualifications Summary for Your Resume

    List only items that will captivate the reader The Qualifications Summary section of the resume is, in theory, the first section of the document that the reviewer will read: it sits at the very top after the applicant’s name and contact details, exactly where the eye is naturally drawn...
  7. B

    Psych MA = qualified for what jobs??

    I have a Masters degree in General Psychology from NYU (2005) but have been out of the workplace (except for 3 years as a teacher) for ten years raising my children. I'm desperate to get a career going back in the Psych field again and would work in a school, hospital, or even for the state (I...