quarter system

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    Quarter Classes and AP credit for Year Long requirements

    So I have AP credit for the first 2 quarters of calculus (UC System) and also took the last quarter of Calculus in college to finish up the year. I will also take 1 quarter of statistics in college. Will these 2 quarters of math + AP credit fulfill the a year long math requirement at any...
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    Wait for Spring Grades or Nah?

    Hi everyone, I'm in a dilemma. I want my spring grades to count, but I have also heard that applying as early as possible would be extremely advantageous. I am on the quarter system and and will most likely have spring grades come out in late June before I can send out my transcript. I have a...
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    DPT Drexel- Is 2.5 years manageable?

    I'm wondering how students that have experienced/are going through a 2.5 year PT school program feel about the duration. Is it manageable? Do you feel rushed/ extremely stressed? (I know PT school will be stressful no matter what) Do you like the quarter system?