1. O

    internships/residencies in Quebec

    Hello! I'm currently a DVM student at OVC but planning to move to Quebec after graduation. I was wondering if anyone out there has any information about internships/residencies in Quebec, specifically Montreal. There are very few listed on VIRMP, but I've seen some on hospital pages like...
  2. D

    Advice for applying to an American EM residency as a medical student from French Canada

    I live in Quebec and study at a pretty unknown french university. I'm going into my third year and just got back my Step 1 scores: 240. Next step is to start researching programs. After giving it a lot of thought, I've decided to apply to EM programs in the states. I am not picky as to what...
  3. mollyandcody

    University of Montreal

    I realize this is probably a long shot since this is an English forum and most people on here are American, but is anyone else applying to the veterinary program at University of Montreal?