1. V

    Resources for keeping up medical knowledge while not practicing?

    Hello all! I am a recent vet grad from the US and have started a PhD program, so I am not currently practicing medicine. I am looking for resources to allow me to keep up my medical knowledge and maybe get a little bit of practice in. I went through the interactive cases on dvm360, which I...
  2. C

    Study Partner wanted in Chicago, IL

    Hello, I was looking for a study partner in Chicago, IL. I am an IMG and planning on taking the Step 1 in October and wanted someone to study with. Maybe we can quiz each other, do questions and review them and discuss topics each of us are having trouble with. I also work a part-time job so I'd...
  3. Doctor-S

    Fun QUIZ - What Breed of Chicken are You?

    Do you have the personality of a Wyandotte, a Silkie, a Leghorn, a Rhode Island Red, or some other kind of chicken? Take this quiz to find out. Have fun - and good cluck to you! https://becausebirds.com/quiz-what-kind-of-chicken-are-you/
  4. a_zed24

    Bottom of the biofilm

    Hello everyone, I was wondering, what is the bacterial growth phase in the bottom of a biofilm? I know bottom bacteria are dormant... Does it mean they are in the stationary phase? Thanks
  5. M

    Medical Discussion Group

    I'm planning to make an International Medical Discussion Group on Whatsapp, as my school's MDG is doing great in helping each participant of the group. Mostly we share Mnemonics, explain concepts/mechanisms and quiz each other. Inbox me if interested. Whatsapp - +923458802391 Twitter - MoizterMind
  6. Emmy Senpai

    What type of lump are you?

    A coworker sent this to me and I thought it was a pretty fun quiz! What kind of lump are you?? Quiz: What Type of Lump Are You? | DrAndyRoark.com
  7. chraugust

    Crowd-Sourced DAT Practice Questions

    Hey everybody! I know everyone generally makes some form of practice questions when they study, so I'm creating a crowdsourced database of all the questions. I already have a website setup (http://flasheducational.com) and I would love it if you all contributed so we can help other people study...