1. J

    Veterinary radiology specialty?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can provide input on diagnostic radiology in the veterinary world. Is it as isolated from the patient as it is in human medicine? In other words, do they almost exclusively interpret radiographs and simply instruct the primary care veterinarian on the diagnosis...
  2. Froot4Lyfe

    Diagnostic Radiology Help

    Hi. So I'm posting this thread because I am entering the 9th grade in September. I've dreamed of becoming a diagnostic radiologist. I've fallen in love with this field because I love the idea of learning new things as I progress through life by continuing reading because I know that radiologists...
  3. C

    Will AI replace Radiologists?

    Better and more accurate question is; When will AI replace radiologists? This is really happening. Look at that TED talk, here; Is this really happening? Should we concerned about it? I am :(