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  1. J

    Mount Sinai West Radiology Residency Q&A!

    Come join faculty and residents of Mount Sinai West Radiology Residency for a zoom chat! Open to all questions! Register at Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: MSW Radiology Residency Q & A. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.
  2. R

    USCE or research? which one is better for radiology?

    Hello, I am a last year medical student at a foreign medical school. I am planning to apply for radiology residency in the USA. I am in a desperate dilemma and I want to hear your reflections on it. As you already know USCE is said to be a 'must' for IMGs and I have been trying to get one but...
  3. bojackson63044

    MD Come do your Radiology clerkship in sunny Orlando, FL!

    Come do your Radiology clerkship in sunny Orlando, FL! Florida Hospital is the flagship hospital of Florida's largest healthcare system. Our Radiology department reads over 2.5 million studies a year. We have great teaching faculty from Johns Hopkins all the way to Stanford. Our residents...
  4. B

    Under Represented Minorities in Radiology (including women)

    Despite how awesome radiology is, there is a definite disparity in diversity when compared to other medical specialties. Here is one of my favorite quotes on the subject of diversity in radiology by Dr. Lightfoote and colleagues ..." There is a disconnect between vocal support and quantifiable...