1. B

    Free (Giving away) Giving away Peds Rap discount promo code

    https://www.hippoed.com/peds/rap/luuadric Was given a code for $20 off. I have no use for it, thought I'd share. Should work multiple times.
  2. X

    Peds RAP Hippo Discount

    Regular Cost for Hippo Peds RAP is 90$ USD Use this code to get 25$ USD discount: stouwrad Cheers
  3. NewTab

    URM admissions

    So this is my theory why affirmative action is bad (please tell me if my thinking is misguided) Asians are subjected to much stricter admissions guidelines, so the asian population in med school is smarter Blacks are subjected to LESS strict admisions guidelines, so the black population in med...