1. 3

    Why is Kent State's most recent pass rate so much higher than before?

    The most recent published stat online is 81% pass rate for part 1 APMLE 2015-2017 with a 79% graduation rate. I saw somewhere on this form that 2019 pass rate is a 92%. What caused this huge spike? Are more people being held back in order to raise the stat or is the curriculum actually...
  2. S

    Rate my Chances for Residency Please

    Hi, I was really nervous about the match so I wanted some feedback on my current application status. I'm a U.S. MD grad applying for psychiatry. Failed step 1 and did much better the second time with an average score. Step 2 CS and CK pending (I know I have to work hard on this) Otherwise...
  3. Sortie

    Rate My Progress?

    This specifically isn't a WAMC thread since I haven't applied to any schools yet nor taken the DAT (I will this upcoming spring). I just wanted to ask if my progress looks okay or if I need to do more. Below are my stats, thank you for your help: (Certain names have been redacted) I am...
  4. T

    Rate my extracurriculars?

    Hi, everyone. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. So far, my classes are going well, and I think I have a solid plan for extracurricular activities, but I would like an outsider's opinion. Here are the 15 activities I have, or plan to have, by the end of my college...
  5. RogueBanana

    Post Interview Acceptance %'s

  6. D

    UQ-Ochsner match lists

    2016 match rate: 93% https://news.ochsner.org/news-releases/fourth-class-of-ochsner-clinical-school-graduates-participate-in-match-day For previous years: http://www.mededpath.org/residency_match.html