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    RCSI Bahrain 2019 entry

    Is anyone applying to RCSI Bahrain this year? I just sent in my application a few days ago
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    RCSI Bahrain Interview Result 2018-2019 session

    Hello everyone, All those who have attended the interview/tour of RCSI Bahrain on January 13th 2018, have any of you received your results? If so, if you don't mind, how about sharing them? Also, if you are a student at RCSI Bahrain, could you please share your High School grades...
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    RCSI Bahrain 2017 ENTRY

    Anyone here joining RCSI Bahrain this september?
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    RCSI Bahrain 2016

    Anyone here applied at RCSI Bahrain for September 2016? I'm an American high-school student. I applied and I've already done my interview and now I'm just waiting on their decision. Has anyone received their reply yet and how did the interview go? If anyone has any questions for the interview...