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    Other hygienists currently in dental school like me?

    I am a first year dental student and hygienist for 11 years prior. Looking for other hygienists in dental school now so we can discuss experiences and curriculum and support each other.
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    rdh/ predental need advice on getting into HSDM

    Hey everyone! I am currently an undergrad, a first year, and I plan to graduate with a bachelors in dental hygiene and would like to work for a year while studying for DAT's and then plan to apply to harvard school of dental medicine. I really am determined to go to Harvard as I've been told it...
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    RDH or DDS?!

    So the goal is to become a dentist either route I take... I am currently taking my undergrads (3rd semester). I've been working in a dental office (front office) since age 17 (I'm soon to be 20 now) - yes, young.. I know, but I've known I wanted to become a dentist and that's the goal I'm...