1. chiralola

    Organic reactions

    So I’m a little confused, because there’s a ton of reactions in the Destroyer book (I made flash cards of all of them and it’s pretty thick) but on the Bootcamp tests I always see the same handful of reactions. Would you guys say it’s totally necessary to memorize all the reactions in Destroyer...
  2. A

    E1 E2 Confusion?

    Hello everyone, Quick Q about the E1 vs E2 products, would appreciate some clarification! Do E1 and E2 products both use Zaitsev's rule to form the "most substituted" product? I am a bit confused, because I think that they do with the exception if a tertiary halide is attacked by a large...
  3. HakunaMatata92

    Chemistry scientific reason and problem solving

    Okay so I got this question on my practice exam and there is a conversion factor that I do not understand or better I don't know where they got it from if someone knows please explain consider the unbalanced reaction Na2CO3 +HCl--> CO2 + H2O + NaCl for this reaction, how many ml of a 2M...