1. C

    Recertification needed for job?

    Hey all, I have been working at a VA in California for the last couple years. I am wondering if I will need to take a re-certification board exam in a few years. No one has said anything about boards, and I never received a contract with information about it being required to maintain...
  2. U

    (international) fork in the road.

    Before I get to my question I feel like it's vital to point out that I'm a US citizen with dual citizenship, currently in my third year of med school in a Mexican medical school in the national program. I plan to complete my internship and residency in Mexico, because I feel the hospitals have...
  3. N

    BCPS Recertification - ASHP vs ACCP

    I recently became BCPS certified and am looking into options for recertification. I am considering the monthly ASHP subscription vs the PSAP recertification through ACCP. Does anyone have experience/recommendations for either? Thanks!
  4. A

    Outpatient PT's: How Many Evaluations and How Many Recertification Visits do you see per hour?

    How many patients is appropriate for new evaluation / re-evaluation per hour at maximum in an outpatient setting? How many Recertification visits or Therapist visits are appropriate per hour at maximum? I have a boss with unrealistic expectations but he tells me he knows 4 PTs who are fine...
  5. Go4Doc

    Recertify my EMT-B? Worth it?

    Hey All, So I became an EMT-B a couple of years ago and now is the time to re-certify if I want to remain on the NREMT. I managed to get about ~250 hours experience as a volunteer EMT back when I was a student but since graduation, I've been working full time as a research assistant and I just...
  6. E

    ASHP's BCPS Pharmacotherapy Recertification anybody?

    Hey there! Anybody's enrolled into ASHP's BCPS Pharmacotherapy Recertification e-learning at What's you impression or this recertification option? Are the exams afterwards hard to take? Thanks! Edita
  7. E

    recertification during fellowship

    I am new to the forum and would like to ask a quesiton. I finished my IM residency in 2008 and was certified the same year. Now, I am planning on applying for a fellwship starting in 2017. It means, I will have to apply for an IM recertification at the end of my first year fellowship. Do you...