1. slappy

    Would you allow patients to record their visits if they ask you?

    A recent discussion at a different forum got me thinking. Would you allow patients to record your interaction with them? I have segmented the poll answers to allow for various considerations.
  2. doc4kids93

    Does anyone have non-traditional way of taking notes?

    How do you take notes? My note taking has evolved over the years based on classes. My freshman year, I would use the traditional notebook and paper, but I found that I write too slow, so I started using a computer to type. My sophmore year, I would use a camera to record my physics lecture (with...
  3. Ismet

    2015-2016 Albert Einstein College of Medicine Application Thread

    Space reserved for prompt. Please PM the essays or lack thereof to me when the secondary is available and I will update this. Good luck to everyone applying! :luck: