1. Elewynne

    Cash In Refi tax question

    Odd question: We have a former home that has been a rental for the past couple years. Last year we refinanced that rental property to both lower the interest rate and get rid of the PMI. The new mortgage appraisal came in just shy of the 20% needed to get rid of the PMI, so we put a couple...
  2. H

    Paying back Loans, Re-financing, etc from a starting attending...

    Hi guys and gals, I just graduated from residency and will be starting my new job in FM. My wife does not work at this time but will be doing so (she is a non-physician; once she starts work, anticipate 30-40k/yr for her). My salary will be roughly 248k/yr, anticipate losing half in taxes...
  3. heyinternetman

    APR vs interest rate when refinancing

    I'm no mortgage expert but I think I understand APR vs interest rate when getting a loan, (i.e. APR is your effective interest rate after they roll their fees into the loan, so basically it's your effective interest rate) and this one has me stumped. So I got a call from my current mortgage...
  4. GradSchoolLoans

    How long can I defer my student loan debt?

    GradSchoolLoans.com allows for medical resident doctors or fellows to defer their payments with active status to defer up to 7 years.
  5. GradSchoolLoans

    Do I have to make student loan payments while in residency?

    GradSchoolLoans.com allows for you to defer all payments while in residency.
  6. GradSchoolLoans