1. Caffeine Matters

    4th year $$$ refunds and gifts

    I have heard several schools are giving their graduating students several hundred dollars in tuition reimbursement or graduation fund reimbursement!?!?! Any other 4th years getting some sort of gift or financial compensation? If so, please list: gift and school. Hopefully with enough data, we...
  2. weanprednisone

    MCAT refund/reschedule

    I registered for the MCAT April date back in Dec. 2015, and I need to change the date now to May or June. To refund before march, it only gives back 50% (What!!:hungover:) However, when I checked to reschedule, it wouldn't tell me how much I would pay for that. Anyone have any ideas if I need...
  3. H

    backing out of USMLE and lose $600?

    I was under the impression that in past years you could register for the USMLE and cancel x amount of time before for a full refund. I am a DO student wanting to register for both early so I can secure a good date, however, if I feel unprepared a month before I am scheduled to take it, I was...