1. Melvillei

    Regret withdrawing my acceptance

    I recently withdrew my acceptance from USUHS after choosing to attend a civilian USMD program instead. I just couldn't overlook the ≥7 year obligation plus the many cons of milmed discussed on these boards: lack of control over my career and family life, limited job opportunities for my SO...
  2. K

    Survey: What were your biggest problems with finding undergraduate research?

    I'd like to know how the process of finding undergraduate research was/is for you. Please fill out this short 2-minute survey: 1. What was/is the hardest part about declaring a research interest? I have too many interests I don't have any interests I can't figure out what my interests are No...
  3. D

    Regret dental school? Switching to med??

    Hello everyone! I'm a Canadian student who just started dental school last month. All my life i've been changing my mind over med and dental & when i choose dentistry, it was my #1 and i was pretty sure. However, now that i started, i'm feeling less and less sure. Yes, i love what we are...