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    July 2018 NAPLEX...got a 74

    Hello, I am not a foreign graduate, and came out of my NAPLEX exam feeling confident. I had made my way through RxPrep and all of it’s quizzes, and received a 106 on the Prenaplex just two days prior to my exam. As I have done with every test in college, I went home and began to look up answers...
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    NDEB AFK Result, Would you recommend rescore

    Hi, I just recently moved to Canada and got to attempt AFK. I have received score of 74% and passing score is 75%. Does anyone have experience with request for manual rescoring? Any recommendation on manual rescoring.
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    Rescoring? Any advice appreciated.

    Hey guys, I took the August 21st MCAT and just got my scores back a few days ago. I scored 127/125/130/132. I know I'm not in a position at all to complain about my scores and I'm happy with my overall score. It's just that I'm applying to schools in Ontario this year and I feel like a 125 in...