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    Endodontist for Army reserve ?

    Hello everyone, Anyone have joined the army/navy reserved as an endodontist before ? have you guys experienced it ? They don't have endo positions like for OS or Pros so will treated as a GD from what I was told. I'm an endo resident on my first year of a three years program. few friends have...

    Any Navy Reservists Stay in Drilling Status Throughout Medical School?

    Starting Medical School this August and would like to stay in a drilling status if I can. The instruction on this (RESPERMAN 1001-020) isn't the clearest but it seems like I will have the same likelihood of mobilization as any other sailor. Has anyone remained in the SELRES during school and...
  3. S

    Joining Army Reserves for Dental HPSP

    Hello (I'm new here), I am a 2nd Year in undergrad who wants to get into Dental. My main concern: Is joining the Army reserve (as 2nd year undergrad) a good idea to be on track for HPSP Dental? Background: 2nd year who is currently on track to finish undergrad to later apply to dental school...
  4. Army Healthcare (CT)

    Part Time - Anesthesiologist (Connecticut)

    The Army is looking for Anesthesiologists to fill our ranks in the Army Reserve. We are offering $75,000 in Special Pay and loan repayment up to $250,000. The commitment is based off of the incentives you choose. The obligation is 38 days a year in the Reserve. If you would like more...
  5. cye0216

    Army Reservist applying for medical school

    I am currently drilling as a reservist. My contract is up in 2020 then I will be IRR. I am planning on applying for medical schools in 2017, and hopefully get accepted to start in 2018. What should I do when I have to drill while going to medical school? I have considered HPSP, USUHS, but...
  6. A

    Is doing MAVNI during medical school a good idea in a long term?

    Hi, I am a fourth year pre-med student currently applying to DO medical school this year. My GPA is not superb (3.65) but I did a lot of EC activities (more than 500 hours of clinical experience, > 100 hrs of shadowing, drug discovery lab research presentation at conference, disability study...
  7. ILoveYouDr13

    Current Med Students in Army Reserve MDSS Program?

    Hey everybody! I'm a MS-1 and am very interested in the Army MDSS Program, or the Medical-Dental School Stipend Program. I'm pretty familiar with the service obligation, but I just wanted to hear from some actual students in the program and see what you guys think about managing school work...