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    Non-US IMG 2019 match Thread!!!!(IM,FM,NEURO)

    Hey Guys!!! NRMP opens in a month! Let's stay together.
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    How do we end discrimination of the DO?

    As someone who is trying to decide between going to an MD school and a DO school I am flabbergasted at the apparent blatant discriminatory practices by top residency programs and specialties. I would think in this very progressive age where we are trying to liberate all from discrimination the...
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    If I don't take the USMLE Step 1, am I confined to only Primary Care Residency?

    I'm currently an OMS II preparing for my COMLEX this spring and I can't decide if I want to sit for Step 1. I am undecided as to specialty and am not against being a PCP, but does anyone know a resource that shows residencies that are not primary care and will take a COMLEX score? Thank you!