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    Switching from Pathology to FM Advice Needed

    Hello everyone, I am a former PGY-2 pathology resident (completed second year). I was discharged from the program last year due to my lack of progression within the program. I put down the time to studying and getting help, but ultimately that was not enough. I am currently still in good...
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    Position Swap Seeking to swap with IM PGY1 in Chicago for PGY2

    Hi, I am a PGY1 in Internal medicine in a reputed academic program in NYC. Seeking IM PGY2 position in Chicago. I am honestly very happy with my program but want to move to Chicago as my husband is there. Please contact me if you are interested in swapping. E-mail me if interested...
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    Success stories/failed attempts on switching to ophthalmology?

    I just wanted to ask if anyone on here has switched/tried to switch from another specialty into ophthalmology? Or have they heard of anyone to do so? I couldn't find many stories about this online, and I was hoping to get a little bit of insight. I would appreciate it!!