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  1. M

    Retaking many classes in own major?

    Hi. So I can't believe I didn't think of this until just now- I'm a chemistry major, and I'm planning on retaking 4-5 chemistry courses that I got C's in. I became a chemistry major because being so bad at this subject frustrated me so much that I decided to push myself and earn a degree in it...
  2. M

    Is it okay to retake a lot of classes?

    So, I just freaked myself out by listing all the classes I would like to retake and it's high...like, 10 classes (please no judgement). I know formal postbacc programs basically have students taking this many courses, but I'm just imagining how crazy my DO application is going to look with all...
  3. LaCubaniche

    How are people doing their retakes at community college post graduation?

    Hi everyone, I am really confused on how to get started retaking courses now that I am already graduated. I registered at a CC in Florida because it had two of the courses I needed and now they are telling me that the state law says I cannot retake these courses because I passed them with a C...
  4. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    A- on retake?

    Hello. To put shortly, I took Microbio in my university and received D a year ago. Retook it this time around, and got an A-. Not freaking out. Just wondering how seriously will the adcoms look at it since it is a retake. thanks in advance for your replies.