reu competition

  1. 8

    Research/Internships with LATE APPLICATION DEADLINE

    So i just got rejected from all of the research programs I applied for, and I really would still like to have an internship under my belt before I take the MCAT next summer. I was wondering if there are any research/internship opportunities that i could still apply to that have deadlines in...
  2. T

    Missouri Neuro NSF REU 2017

    Hi everyone, I wanted to link up with people that have gotten into the Mizzou REU since I got my letter and accepted it (March 27th). This was for the REU Fellow position in the 2017 University of Missouri-Columbia Summer Projects in Neuroscience Research Experiences for Undergraduates program...
  3. davethebarbarian

    How competitive are REU, SURFs, SROP?

    I've been getting rejected at multiple summer REU programs at the moment, what is the typical GPA usually to be competitive for one of these programs? I'm currently a freshman with a 3.66 GPA (hopefully 3.75-3.8 after this semester), and currently doing research at a neuroscience lab doing a...